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48th Street near Maple Island Road


Contact Person(s) and Phone Number(s) for Clark Cemetery:

Gary Smith, President of Cemetery Board  (231) 924-4556

Lois VanDyke, Secretary/Treasurer of Cemetery Board and manager of the cemetery  (231) 924-2329

Cemetery Rules:

By a deed restriction from the Clarks and Ishs (original donors of the property for the cemetery), only residents of the following townships may be buried in Clark Cemetery:

Dayton and Sheridan Townships in Newaygo County

Greenwood Township in Oceana County

Holton Township in Muskegon County

Because of adverse weather conditions, there are no burials from November 1 to April 1.

Fee Schedule: 

$  50.00 per burial lot

per grave opening and closing

$  50.00 per grave opening and closing, ashes only

 List of Persons Buried in Cemetery: 

Not available

Any Prominent  Citizens Buried in Cemetery:


Any Striking Monument or Sculpture in Cemetery:




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